Professional on site home monitoring and maintenance. We're there when you can't be.


My Home Watcher is a home management service for the home owner, offering security and peace of mind through professional, on-site home monitoring and maintenance.

Security, peace of mind, and convenience.

We check the interior and exterior of your home when you are away. During each visit, a checklist report is completed and communicated to you immediately. We will assist if follow-up action is needed. We also provide contractor management and coordination for a full range of household maintenance services.

We service Lakes Burton, Rabun, Seed, Lanier, Hartwell, Thurmond, and Keowee areas, and are currently expanding further into the North Georgia mountains, North and South Carolina.

We also do Home Inspections:  Click Here for more information.

  • Before you buy.
  • Before you sell.
  • To maintain the value of your investment.

My Home Watcher has a three-tier price package, based on the number of visits you request each month. You will always be guaranteed the same outstanding level of service in each tier.

  • My Home Watcher is family owned and operated.
  • We watch your home when you are away.
  • We have an extensive list of items we normally watch out for.
  • If you need something done that’s not on our list, we will add it.
  • We are prepared to answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you and react on your behalf.

specialWe are a property management company.

  • Maintaining your investments.
  • Your emergency is our emergency.
  • Security, peace of mind, and convenience. 
  • Knowing you have someone you can depend on when an emergency happens.

What happens when the heat goes off, maybe the power lines are down, the temperature is below 32 degrees and no one is around?

Licensed contractor with 37 years of experience, fully insured and bonded. We are licensed home builder in 5 states, GA, NC, SC, AL, and Utah.