Professional on site home monitoring and maintenance. We're there when you can't be.

Bronze Plan

Our Bronze Plan includes:


Bronze $ 39.95 monthly


____ Visual check all interior rooms
____ Test smoke detectors
____ Turn on/off lights in different  rooms as owner desires
____ Visual check for obvious rodent or insect infestation
____ Check refrigerator & freezer
____ Change minor things outside to make it looked lived in as owner desires
____ Check doors, windows & property for vandalism or forced entry
____ Check/Set thermostat for desired temperature
____ Flush toilets to eliminate stagnant water & verify toilet function
____ Run faucets to avoid dry traps & eliminate stagnant water in lines
____ Visual check of hot water heater
____ Verify electricity is on/off
____ Visual check of electrical panel for tripped breakers
____ Visual check for obvious leaks, cracks, or water damage in walls and ceilings
____ Visual check for any obvious signs of mold or mildew
____ Verify operation of security systems, as owners desire
____ Visually inspect under sink basin, etc. for leaks
____ Check and make sure chimney damper is open/closed
____ Visually inspect gas fireplace system
____ Visually inspect pilot light
____ Check heating and cooling system for proper temperature



____ Check windows, doors, storage building, garage and property for vandalism or forced entry.
____ Visual check gutters & downspouts
____ Visual check the roof  for damage caused by trees or limbs
____ Visual check for obvious pest infestation
____ Visual check that grounds maintenance is performed
____ Evidence of sprinklers working, if applicable
____ Visual check of patio/deck
____ Visual check of pool’s general appearance, water level & cleanliness
____ Check outdoor faucets/hose bibs for leaks
____ Visual check of hot tub
____ Visually check foundation for settling and cracks
____ Check for erosion or drainage problems
____Contact owner or appropriate service provider if any problems are found

Gold Plan –  includes Bronze Plan and visits twice a month

Platinum Plan –  includes Bronze Plan and weekly visits

____ Change air filters (air filters supplied by us, 30 day air filters, based on one air filter)
____ Clean out all faucet filters 2 times per year
____ Change batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide two times a year (based on 5 detectors).

Prices based on a 2500 sq. ft. house. Larger houses are based on specific quotes. We will customize for your house or mulitple houses. 

Extra Services Available

____ Cleaning Gutters and Pressure washing the house
____ Whole House Winterizing
____ Respond to alarms
____ Inspection after snow, tropical storm or heavy thunderstorms

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