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Contract for Services

Pay for 11 months and get the 12th month free.
Contract and Payment Terms:
1. Payable in advance from the first day of every month. Failure to pay when due will result in the termination of service.
2. LATE FEE: Fees received after the first of the month will be subject to a late fee of $10.00 per month.
3. BAD CHECKS: Client further agrees to pay a service charge of $35.00 per returned check.
4. DISCOUNT: As an incentive, the Client may pay for a year and receive a discount of one month applied to the end of the 12 month period. Pay for the 11 months and get 12-month service.
5. TERMINATION: After one month’s service payment has been received, this agreement may be terminated by giving written notice of a least 15 days prior to the end of any monthly period.
6. METHOD OF PAYMENT: The initial payment of services under this agreement must be made by check or credit card.
7. ACCEPTANCE OF PROPERTY: My Home Watcher and Services, Inc. will inspect and report the condition of the property, before this agreement is enforce.
8. MAINTENANCE: Client agrees to complete the application and state the services requested prior to the first inspection.
9. REPAIRS: In the event repairs are needed the client will be advised and must agree in writing to the services and price quoted for those services.
Professional Services Performed:
My Home Watcher and Services, Inc. will perform its services on a best efforts basis. No other representation, express or implied, and no warranty or guarantee are included or intended in this agreement, or in any report, opinion, work product, document or otherwise. My Home Watcher agrees not to remove or alter in any way Client’s property without specific written permission from the Client.
My Home Watcher and Services, Inc. liability for any work performed in connection with this agreement shall be limited to the payment received by My Home Watcher from the customer for the particular service provided giving rise to the claim. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this agreement, the company shall not be liable for any special, indirect, consequential lost profits, or punitive damages.

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Please mail it to: My Home Watcher and  Services, Inc.  P.O.  Box 69, Baldwin, GA 30511