Professional on site home monitoring and maintenance. We're there when you can't be.

January 2010: “Now, I can rest assured knowing our second home
is being watched by a company that cares. Thank You! Gene and Peggy” TM, Atlanta, GA



What happens …

when there’s a fire in the community where your second home is located?

How long is it before you find out?

What happens when the temperature drops and you are not prepared?

That can cost you some bucks!


Who’s Watching Out for Your Investment? 

We watch out for you in ways you probably never thought of.  There are many ways you save money, for example, preventive maintenance.

Our Services …

We’re there when you can’t be!

  • Interior – Visual Checks
  • Exterior – Visual Checks
  • Monthly Visits –  Bronze Package
  • Weekly Visits – Gold and Platinum Packages
  • Emergency Services – Storm Watch – Fire Watch
  • Seasonal  – Pressure washing – Clean Gutters

Our standard home watch services detect minor problems before they turn into major disasters, deter vandals by giving your home a lived in appearance, and keep appliances in working order.


Additional Services:

  • Shopping Service
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Winterizing – Drain the water system and/or install drainage valve.
  • Home repairs
  • Pest control
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Coordinate and repair or monitor repairs.
  • Oversee installation, delivery personnel, including opening, observing and securing property in homeowners absence.
  • Drop off  and return car or boat to dealership for inspection or servicing.
  • Pickup or drop off dry cleaning and prescriptions
  • Grocery shopping and stocking your pantry and refrigerator
  • Start and idle stored vehicles
  • Collect your mail and leave in home.
  • Supervise repair persons, house cleaners or workman
  • Any other errands to make your busy life easier.
  • In an emergency, just call us … we will visit your property, report back to you, and keep you notified of any situation that may arise.

Exterior Services

  • Remove newspapers/fliers/packages/phone books
  • Check for mail
  • Visual check from the ground of gutters & downspouts
  • Visual check from the ground for damage caused by trees or limbs
  • Visual check for obvious pest infestation
  • Visual check that grounds maintenance is performed
  • Evidence of sprinklers working
  • Visual check of patio/deck
  • Visual check of pool’s general appearance, water level & cleanliness
  • Check outdoor faucets/hose bibs for leaks
  • Visual check of hot tub

Personal Services

When you vacation to resorts and hotels, everything is done for you.  You can have it here, too.

Let us be your Vacation Home Concierge.  You’ve earned it.  Just call or email and we’ll take care of:

  • Getting a reliable house keeper (one time or on a regular basis).
  • Meeting a contractor coming to do a job for you.
  • Receiving furniture, packages, or other special deliveries.
  • The shopping for YOU! (Let us do the work, you have the fun!)
  • Shopping Checklist – click here
  • Monitoring the progress of a job in process (includes photos and progress reports)
  • Looking for a home on Lake Hartwell? – click here

If you need a service that’s not listed here, contact us.