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The Inspection

The Inspection is the step by step process of checking interior and exterior as per a list created by a questionnaire completed by the home owner.  The Inspection occurs each time My Home Watcher visits your home during the covered period.  The frequency of visits are set by you.  Exceptions to the norm will  be noted and communicated to you via email detailing your options and we will await your instructions.  Emergencies will be communicated immediately via the contact number which we have on file for you.       
My Home Watcher
Here are some of our concerns.
Foundation and support structure Crawl spaces Grading and drainage Fireplaces and chimneys
Attic and roof systems Basements Inside and outside walls Safety issues
Floors and ceilings Water heaters Ventilation Electrical service panels
Electrical branch circuits Ducts and vents Structural integrity Steps and stairs
Heating system Air conditioning system Built-in appliances Walks and driveways
Plumbing systems Plumbing fixtures Garages and carports Porches and decks
Windows and doors Gutters and downspouts    
On Right: Bathroom Heater/Light Vent cleaning.

inspection_03102010_thumThe visual inspection includes ducts, windows, doors, etc.

This inspection yields dust, which if not removed will cause poor air quality, as well could become a fire hazard.  






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